July 8, 2019

I thought I’d share some of my beauty picks that I swear by. I use these products daily and some I’ve been using since high school!  As you read on you’ll see why I love each one. I have all these beauty selections sitting in my bathroom so don’t hesitate to take my word for it. I wouldn’t steer you the wrong way!


#1// smashbox photo finish:  THIS PRODUCT! I don’t know what I was doing before I owned this. Seriously. This is the first thing I put on my face before my makeup routine. Spread this oil free cream on your pores and it diminishes them! I put it all over my nose and cheeks and my face looks so cleansed and clear of blemishes. It’s almost as if they disappear! It also leaves your face smooth and soft. If only spreading it on your pores would really be erasing them right?!


#2// nars brush:   Beware: this brush is VERY pricey. Bronzer has always been hard for me to put on. I guess I was never taught HOW. Until I purchased this brush.  It contours the bronzer on your cheeks practically for you! Well, obviously you have to physically do it.. but the flat shape of the brush blends the bronzer (or highlighter) powder beautifully into the makeup on your face. Like I said, it’s expensive for a makeup brush, I know I know. Cheaper one here.


#3// replenix face wash:  Ohhh boyyyyy. I have had a LOOOONG relationship with this face wash. Let me tell ya! I am 100% a victim of having oily skin. I remember walking through the hallway in school and people telling me, “Wow your face is really shiny.” I didn’t know what to do or even what it meant! 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I started reading and realized that there are different products for people with dry skin and people with oily skin. I found out that if you have oily skin glycolic acid should be your best friend. So that’s when my relationship with glycolic acid started! This face wash has worked wonders. Not only does it help with my “shininess” but also with breakouts. I use it every single night before I go to bed and it also works at a makeup remover. Bonus!


#4// lancome lipgloss: I first bought this because it was colorless and sometimes that’s just what I need. I don’t always want to have a color, but I want that gloss look. However, after using it I realized it’s a lip plumper (not extreme obvi)! So now I put it over the top of lipstick or other lipgloss for the fuller lip look.


#5// invisbobble hair ring:  I didn’t get the good hair genes. My hair is very thin. So just 3o seconds with it in a ponytail I know its going to stay like that the whole day. That middle line crimp is no way cute! I don’t know why these weren’t invented sooner. They’re a blessing! These hair rings leave no crimps and don’t take any hair out. I use them when I got to the gym mid day so that I can put my hair back down when I leave! They come in other colors. For any hair color.. even blue, if you’re rocking’ that blue hair girrrrl.


#6// charlotte tilsbury highlighter: I added this to my makeup routine for the summer. It can be used as a primer, foundation, highlighter, or on its own. I use it for foundation. But on my 3 week trip to Europe I used it all on its own, just that on my face!  It leaves the skin with a naturally looking tan and glow.


#7// aquaphor ointment:  I highly recommend this product if you always have chapped lips. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t drink enough water but my lips are ALWAYS chapped. Always have been. I apply the heck out of this ointment on my lips. I put it on throughout the day when I’m home. And when I’m not home I have these in my purse so I don’t have to lug the whole jar around.


#8// st. tropez bronzing spray: I don’t know what it is about the face. But whatever kind of tanning lotion I put on my body my face always looks different.  Like too tan! So I’ve started spraying this on my face before I put on my makeup about 3 times a week.


#9// st. tropez tanning mousse: You’ve heard me before. I love being tan. Guilty of being extra. I apply this mousse with a mitt about twice a week for a naturally looking glow!


#10// neutrogena makeup remover singles: I just recently started using these mini singles! I usually just take my makeup off with my face wash at the end of the day. However, sometimes I don’t head home after work when I head to the gym. So I keep a couple of these in my car just in case.


#11// moroccan oil dry shampoo: I get so busy in the summer months that I don’t get time to wash my hair everyday. Okayyy its all year long… not just summer time. My hair gets very greasy after a day or two. I use this dry shampoo on my roots once I start to see a little oil in my hair and it lasts the whole day! You only have to apply once. It also smells AMAZING!!!!

What are your current beauty picks?  Do you still use products that you used in high school?

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