I have purchased everything from this post and use them almost all daily. You know they’re good buys when your family takes them from your house, car, or purse! But, these are also affordable products that you can rebuy, (if people decide they want them too)… or even buy more in other colors.

Silk Scarf– If you are looking for affordable fun silk scarfs than I found the perfect match for ya. I can’t believe the quality of this scarf for only $11. They have colors that would be great in any season. I wrap mine around my neck, wrist, and even purse handles.

Tumblers– How fun are these? I have one on my nightstand, the kitchen, my car, and my office. My mom even stole one! My favorite part is they’re easy to travel with for on-the-go errands. I have the clear tumblers. They didn’t have the light blue and pink ones when I originally bought them. But I may need one for my bathroom sooo…☺️

Daily Planner– This is a planner for day to day tasks. I do so much in one day that the weekly outlined planners weren’t cutting it. There is a page dedicated to your entire day. It also has a section for notes, dinner, ‘don’t forgets’, and daily gratitude on EVERY page as well.

Buxom Lip Gloss– My sister and I fight over this tube of lip gloss. It does the plumping without having to go into the doctors office to spend hundreds of dollars!

Sunday Riley Auto Correct– Okayyyyy. I started using this eye cream 2 weeks ago. However, before I get into it I have to tell you something that I learned. I’ve learned that even if there is a skincare product out there that is expensive and bajillion dollars that DOESN’T MEAN IT’S THE BEST. I spent a fortune on an eye cream that I used for 3 months (before I started using Sunday Riley’s) and have NOT seen a difference. UM WHAT. My under eyes are naturally puffy and wrinkly. So buying a good eye cream to solve my eye self-esteem issues is important. It’s only been 2 weeks and I kid you not I can tell the skin around my eyes has opened up! I can’t believe how well this products works for the price. Again, just because something is priced insanely high, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing out there.

Multi Purpose Clear Pouches– I am found guilty of buying these from an influencer! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I love them. You guys know my purses are tote bags because I carry my whole life in them. These pouches come in handy when dividing all the little things. I have one for all lipsticks, lip glosses, and chap sticks. Another for small things such as nail filer, playing card, and gum.

Ribbed Drawstring shirt– I bought this for the rodeo that we had but it didn’t come in time and I was so bummed. I’m hoping for another opportunity to wear it soon! I think with high waisted jean shorts and some sandals would be a great summer outfit.

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