1. Beauty Bio Bright Eyes Collagen Eye Patch– Every morning I go to the spa. Just kidding I’m not that cool. However, putting these eye masks on sure make ya feel like you’re at one. These help with puffy eyes and fine lines. One of the major ingredients in these bad boys is collagen. Collagen firms and tightens skin. Another ingredient is Aloe Vera. Did you know Aloe Vera is an anti-aging agent? I didn’t either! These eye masks make you feel awake and just like the name, they give you “bright eyes” to tackle your day.

2. C.E.O. Glow – I put this face oil on right after my collagen eye masks. This oil instantly absorbs into your skin and it smells amazing. Vitamin C is a huge thing for your skin in the morning. Honestly, putting vitamin C on your face first thing in the morning is something that EVERYONE should be doing. It acts as a “safety” to the skin and helps your skin repair damaged skin cells. Vitamin C also inhibits hyperpigmentation and prevents dark spots from forming in the first place. Another ingredient in this serum is Turmeric. Turmeric is what gives your skin that natural glow and lightens scars. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Liquid I.V. – These little packets give some major hydration. Putting one of these into a glass of water is equivalent to 3 glasses of water, 3x the electrolytes, and has 5 essential vitamins. Yup, all that in a little packet. I carry these around in my purse and drop one once a day into my travel water bottle. It also makes my water taste so yummy.

4. Replenix Acne Cleanser– Do you see a theme here? Can you tell I love my face? Ha! I’ve talked about this face wash on my blog many many times. I have been using this since high school! That’s 10+ years of using the same product. That’s when you know it’s a keeper. Am I right? This face wash has glycolic acid. This ingredient deserves all the attention because it fights acne and removes dead skin cells. My skin is also prone to being oily and glycolic acid helps with that.

5. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker– I bought this for myself for Christmas and I can’t say good enough things about it. I love love love it! I’m usually a one cup of coffee a day kind of girl. Buuut this machine makes such great coffee I want more every morning! It’s fast and easy to use. A cup of coffee is made in 30 seconds. There are tons of flavors to choose from and each have different amounts of caffeine to your liking.

6. Blue Light Glasses – How cute are these glasses? I spend a lot of time on my laptop. If I’ve been on it for too long at night I can feel my eyes getting strained. Researchers have also stated that the light causes alertness and could keep you from falling asleep at night. These glasses protect your eyes from the blue-ray on your laptop and phone. Also, the pink pair are SO cute! Does there even need to be a reason to wear them?







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