I know I’ve already written a blog post about my obsession for coffee table books, in this post here. I wrote about having way too many and that’s still true to this day! I love the look coffee table books give the room and they’re great conversation starters for guests. I spread them throughout my house and they’re used for their knowledge, inspiration, and sentimental value.

All my books are from Amazon. They’re at a great price and they are packaged with care. Even through shipping, the edges are never damaged.



Cut Flower Garden – If you love flowers you should follow Floret Flower on Instagram! This flower farm is located in a valley in Washington. And it’s beautiful!! In this book, (and on their Instagram account) Erin teaches you how and when to plant and grow each flower, depending on the season. She then continues to tell readers how to harvest them correctly when they bloom. And voila! She makes it look so easy, I must say. Her new book that just came out last month, A Year in Flowers, is a guide to arranging flowers into stunning arrangements. Warning: these books will make you want to quit your job and go live on a tulip farm!

Flower Recipe – Just like the title says, this book literally gives you recipes for beautiful floral arrangements. Does it get any simpler?



Flourish – Yup, another flower book. But this one is different! This book will make you repeat to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Willow Crossley demonstrates nontraditional ways to display floral and plant arrangements throughout the rooms in your home. She also strays away from the customary vase with elegant trinkets. Also, she was the florist for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding reception!!!! Should I have just started with that?! 




Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers – This is my favorite table book I own! It might be one of my very first. If you know me, you know I LOVE weddings. And I mean everything about weddings. 60% of the accounts I follow on Instagram are wedding accounts. From wedding venue profiles, to custom invitation accounts, photographers, and even chefs who specialize in weddings. And not to mention the 75 wedding dress designer accounts. I know. Obsessed. Guilty. So of course I own a 10 pound book on everything weddings from one of the biggest fashion publishing companies in the world. Duh! I love this book because it retells all the extraordinary weddings of the rich and famous over the past 100 years. From royal weddings, to the Kennedy’s, to the models and celebrities that are household names. And my all-time favorite, Dylan Lauren—Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Stunning!



Chanel– This book is filled with pages of elegant accessories, fragrances, and the timeless design of Chanel. Chanel takes luxury to a whole new level. I guarantee you won’t flip through this book without aweing at every page. 


Kate Spade– Kate will always hold a place in my heart. She was the foundation of my fashion inspiration. Her style matched mine almost precisely at a time in my life. Her table books are just like you think they would be, pictures and old advertisements of odd and mismatched, bold color and pattern—that funny enough, go together and is settling to the eye. When I need inspiration, I always crack open one of these books.  




Element of Style – Do you want to make your house into a home? This book helps with just that. Her style, photographs, and design advice will motivate you to start that project you’ve been stalling to start. Every perfectly detailed photograph has a caption, with before and after pictures!

The Year of Cozy – The ultimate craft book. Set for month to month, each with recipes and DIY projects. Her comforting illustrations will make you stay home and enjoy the cozy activities enclosed. 

Camille Stykes Entertaining– Camille Stykes is an event stylist turned lifestyle blogger turned author. Her book is packed with ideas for all your next hosting events and parties. She helps with details on decorating, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, floral arrangements, and even setting the ambience. I enjoy this book because it doesn’t only help with lavish parties or big events, but also kickbacks and friend gatherings. Much more my style. So if your stressed about an upcoming event Camille will help!



Italy – I bought this book purely for the cover and memories I’m holding onto. I bought it right after my trip to Italy. I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world and Italy so far has been my favorite! I’ve never seen so much history and art in one location. I was speechless and honestly, emotional the ENTIRE week! Every time I look at this book it reminds me of that breathtaking trip. Pictures of the country like the colorful beaches, vineyards, and the small quaint towns devour this book.




The Martha Manual– Martha is my girl! She’s kind of my source for everything cooking, baking, and crafting so of course I had to get a book that answers ALL my questions. Her advice is gold. This book teaches you everything from applying wallpaper, how to make a tire swing, and carve a turkey. Side note: there’s a sequel to this book that just came out, it’s all about organizing. OH SNAP!




In the Company of Women – Yes yes yes! This was a gift from my sister and she couldn’t have done a better job! Need inspiration? Stop what you’re doing and buy this book! This book tells story after story about influential women who have used their brains as entrepreneurs and started companies from the ground up, becoming CEOs and high level executives. Some women are artists, writers, professors, and lingerie & jewelry designers, all that have individually paved their way into a career and have MADE the market for it. Talk about boss babes!





What do you think about coffee table books? Do you even think about them? If so, I want to know what your favorites are. Comment below!

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